Health Consultations

Ayurveda Health Consultations

In person or long distance

health-consultationsYour Initial Ayurvedic Consultation

During your initial Ayurvedic health consultation, whether in person or via phone or Skype, your original constitution and current state of health will be assessed using different techniques and evaluation methods, so as to create a personalized program according to your specific situation and individual needs. Consultations include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, traditional herbal treatments, as well as therapeutic yoga and meditation instruction.

Following-Up Consultations

Follow-up consultations are of great importance in Ayurveda, since those are the times when we can review your program, and to make any needed adjustments, and also for support and encouragement in your healing process! Throughout your follow-ups you will deepen the understanding of your constitution and how internal and external factors such as diet, lifestyle, and seasonal changes affect you, as well as how to counteract or nullify those factors through your on practice and self care.

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*We use the highest quality, ethically wildcrafted, pure, and organic herbs in our Ayurvedic herbal preparations.