About Panchakarma

Panchakarma therapy is India’s ancient science a detoxification and rejuvenation. These specialized procedures are performed by our knowledgeable and highly trained staff of therapists, under the direct supervision of Vishnu Dass. Panchakarma is designed to free up and release impurities/toxins from the deep tissues, organs and channels of the body, thereby support overall health and healing.

Ayurveda defines health as the state where the digestive fire is optimal; the body constitution is balanced; the waste products are produced and eliminated normally; and the body, mind, emotions, and spirit are in harmony and at peace.

Why You Need Panchakarma According To Ayurveda

Due to the stress of our modern world and the increased toxicity of the environment, the body accumulates toxins on a physical as well as mental level. The toxins eventually clog and obstruct the organs, tissues and channels, thereby inhibiting their normal function and contributing to degeneration and the disease process.

Panchakarma: The Foremost Purification & Rejuvenation Therapy

Panchakarma reverses the mechanisms that carry toxins from the digestive tract into all the other tissues of the body. In other words, it reverses this movement of metabolic wastes, bringing them back to the digestive tract and other organs of elimination, and then effectively expelling them from the body. This process is tailored to your individual needs and will you help to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to sustain the benefits received during the therapies.

The name Panchakarma comes from the Sanskrit word panch, which means “five” and karma, which means “action.” The name thus incorporates five primary actions or procedures used in Ayurveda to purify the body. These actions assist the body in its natural functions for eliminating toxins and are chosen specific to the condition and ones constitutional needs. For a detailed description of Panchakarma therapies, please refer to:
> Panchakarma: Cleansing and Rejuvenation therapy

Panchakarma – A Specialized Ayurvedic Treatment

Panchakarma is a specialized Ayurvedic procedure requiring proper guidance and supervision from a clinically trained Ayurvedic practitioner. It should not be undertaken only from information on this web site or any other article or book. Panchakarma is done on a case-by-case basis with your specific individual constitution and state of health in mind, and it requires close observation and supervision.
We offer a “One Day Panchakarma Sampler,” as well as Ayurvedic therapies and Ayurvedic Day Spa packages that will not trigger as deep a detoxification process as a full Panchakarma would, and yet are nurturing, cleansing and rejuvenating enough to give you a taste of what Panchakarma can be like.

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You may choose between a 5-day Panchakarma or a 7-day Panchakarma, and add additonal days up to a 10-day Panchakarma. Of course, the longer the program, the more you will benefit, but you can make a choice depending on your time and budget.

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